Painting Tips that Work

My wife just called me upstairs and asked me to take a look at the painting that she’s beginning. It looks pretty cool she set up a model to paint from. The model is a glass of wine a bottle of wine and a candle. All of it is set neatly on a white backdrop. She had me a pencil and said figure out all of the angles. She said you have to sit at my height so you can see my perception. Maybe it’s all point of view. I’m not really that short. Basically I can see the angles by holding the pencil in a direct line so that the pencil it hedges were touching different sections of the art piece that she’s going to paint. I didn’t realize that you have to first figure out the shapes on a Page before you can actually do the painting.

I came across this YouTube video that seemed pretty cool. Cate creates a rainy day seen using acrylics. I thought this would be a nice example to reinforce the idea that a lot goes into these paintings. I had no idea. As my wife begin to explain everything that she was considering in creating the art work, it was mind blowing.

I believe I just don’t have the patience for it. It seems to complex. I will head and throwing a link to building basic scenes for painting. Obviously you have to be a pretty good pencil artist before you can do this.

Just a scene alone that my wife is drawing on the canvas is pretty impressive. What was crazy as the eye for detail. I noticed that she could see the reflection of the candle in the wine glass. I didn’t even perceive such a reflection until she pointed it out to me. Low and behold it was right there in front of me on the drawing as well.

I know she has a really good eye for detail and for shadows which is pretty impressive. What I didn’t understand before about painting was not shadows are represented in different colors. Based on how the colors change indicates shadows that our brains picked up on. Mixing the paint in coming up with the exact color seems mind-boggling.

Nevertheless you can find some detailed information here on how to draw anything.  Click this link.

Good luck and I hope this blog post inspires you to continue on in your endeavors as an artist. I realized that my role in the whole situation is just to support my wife and be her number one cheerleader. I don’t have the patience or passion for art the way she does. However, it is super inspiring to watch her go.

By the way here is another resource if you’re looking to paint and need help with creating shapes in order to sketch out your drawing/painting.