About Verdugo Arts

Hi My name is PC and I put this site up so that I could show off some of my wife’s awesomeness. She is a great artist. She is especially good at drawing and pointalism.

She doesn’t really know I am up to this. But my thought was that if I post some of her artwork, she can get comments. If the comments are good, I will share them with her. It will serve as reinforcement for her self esteem. I know she has a hard time believing in herself. Everybody that has ever seen her artwork raves about it, but somehow she is still not convinced.

She recently started going to art classes and I am excited for her because I believe she will be able to improve on her God-given and inspired talent.

Thanks for taking time to read this section. If you don’t mind…check out some of her artwork and leave a comment.
Help me improve her self esteem so that she really goes for it.

By the way, you might be wondering what is up with the name. There are several meanings to it, but overall it is used in conjunction with an individual that carries out the death penalty. I know it’s kinda creepy, but I wanted to put to death my wife’s art low self esteem.

Hopefully this site will serve its purpose well.